The benefits of Robotics have turn out to be more evident as the modern innovations have developed and grown in the 50+ years since the first modern robot, Unimate, was put into utilization around 60 years ago. About 90% of the robots being used today are in the modern mechanical technology segment in manufacturing plants. Talking about 2004, the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) revealed that around 1,40,000 modern robots were being used in the US during this year. Robots are currently additionally utilized as a part of major industries in order to give increased output.

The benefits of Robotics can be arranged into four noteworthy classes:

1) Increased level of accuracy: The use of Robots has certainly increased the level of accuracy and exactness. Human Beings tend to make mistakes but Robots are machines and hence make no humanly-errors.

2) Increased efficiency and speed: Robots take considerably lesser time to complete any task than human beings. This results in an increased speed to finish off a task efficiently.

3) Work in tough situations: Robots have an ability to work in situations that are hazardous or unfriendly for humans.


4) Freedom from human constraints: A lot of time gets saved because robots are free from human constraints, for example, fatigue and the need to eat and rest.

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