“When I hear I forget, when I see I remember but when I do I understand”. This line is self-sufficient in describing the importance of the practical knowledge in forming the strong background related to the nature of work. Internships or training programs are the opportunities where the theoretical knowledge is applied in the real world.

Training programs have become more important these days than ever before, just because of the tough competition prevailing in the market. Training nowadays has become crucial for organizational development and success. An employee can become more efficient and productive only if he/she is well trained in his/her respective field. Understanding this need, “Anax Project and Development” provides complete training on present technology; hence creating many job opportunities for fresher’s. The motive behind our training program is not only to enhance the technical skills but also upgrade the value of the work and task being performed by our trainees.

Here we can clearly see what could be achieved upon training from “Anax Projects and Development”.

Improved morale of trainee by learning on the technical front.

Less supervision is required on the field job, after training.

A fair chance of promotion and growth in the respective job or industry.

Productivity and skill gets improved both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Reduction in the wastage of time, money and valuable resources available, resulting in their maximum.


These are certain sectors where we have outperformed in the field of providing training via; plant maintenance, erection, commissioning and installation of PLC, SCADA, panel designing, Auto-CAD, HMI, electrical machines, motor and drives. We work to enrich the academic education by adding the ingredient of quality technical experience with the latest updates and our professional team is always ready to cater to the need based training in these sectors.