There is no doubt in the fact that Automation is a multi-disciplinary field and this is the reason why this particular sector needs the union of diverse engineering fields such as CS/IT, electrical, mechanical, chemical and electronics to function properly and effectively. Currently, the technology is constantly changing and improving and this involves the use of software. Therefore the automation industry is in great demand as almost all the industries, big or small, need the help of automation from time to time.

Automation industry has made it possible to induce the artificial intelligence in a system to make it more advanced and efficient.

Automation industry provides customized products for precise applications and requirements. A lot of businesses require customized software in order to provide additional security to their system to minimize the threat of any harm planned by external hackers. So this supports the fact that automation industry is in great demand right now and by developing his or her skills one can expect to make a very bright career in this field.

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