A lot of innovation and improvement in technology has taken place in the last two decades. This has led to a drastic change in the nature of manufacturing. The modern ways have revived and transformed the manufacturing and fabrication process. Now the industry runs on the strength of computers and related technologies, this is why Automation has become an integral part of today’s manufacturing world. There is no denying in the fact that Automation has made it possible for the companies to increase the production at an outstanding speed and reliability. We list down a few advantages of Automation:

· Reduced production time Using an automated machine definitely speeds up the process of production and this leads to a significant reduction in the time of production.

· Accuracy– Involvement of high-tech machines has ensured accuracy in the work that leads to an overall development of the company.

· Less human error – Due to limited human involvement in most of the processes, minor and major human errors have been reduced significantly.


· Increased safety – Making use of automated machines helps in ensuring high safety and security measures. It helps in maintaining confidentiality whenever needed.

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